Oxford Landscaping

What can you tell us about this project? 
The homeowners had been living in their rural house (designed & built by others) for about 10 years, but hadn’t got around to doing any proper landscaping, so wanted to solve this with a mix of hard surfaces, decking, pergolas and play space for their children.

Higham Architecture’s involvement in this exterior landscaping project was mostly about material selection, specification and refining the layout, as the design/style had already been set by the homeowners.

Why did you specify Prolam products in this project? 
Dimensional stability, long spans and long lengths. Some beams in this project are spanning almost 7m and some rafters are almost 12m long.

What Prolam products were specified? 
PL8 H5 Posts, PL8 H3 Beams & Rafters & Rails

Products Used

180x180 PL8 H5 posts
290x88 PL8 H3.2 beams
240x63 PL8 H3.2 rafters


Prolam PL8 Glulam Beams + Prolam PL8 H5 Posts +


Higham Architecture, GMAC Builders

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