Mou Tapu Crib - Wanaka

On the shores of Lake Wanaka, stands a beautifully preserved traditional South Island crib. The property features a new contemporary crib with an eye-catching white pergola.

This project incorporated Prolam both inside and out!

We approached Hamish Muir, Architect Director, from Mason and Wales Architects to find out more.

What can you tell us about this project?

Mou Tapu Crib is the preservation of an original South Island Crib which serves as character accommodation for family and friends, with the addition of a standalone new contemporary crib to the front of the section which is an evolution of the classic.

Why did you specify Prolam products in this project?

Prolam glulam posts were specified for stability in the harsh climate and environment.  The timber suits the traditional feel of the crib and helps to add texture.

What Prolam products were specified?

Glulam posts

How are the Prolam products been used in this project?

As exposed timber in the pergola posts and beams.

What program did you use to specify our products?

Mason & Wales specifications and Autodesk Revit. 

Product List

1x 290x135 Visual PL8 H3.2 4.8m
1x 290x135 Visual PL8 H3.2 5.4m
2x 240x135 Visual PL8 H3.2 8.4m
2x 135x135 Visual PL8 H5 3.6m
6x 180x180 Visual PL8 H5 3.6m
8x 190x88 Visual PL8 H3.2 5.4m

SLD08386 min4
SLD08385 min4
SLD09547 HDR min4
SLD09567 Edit Edit min4
SLD09452 HDR min4
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