Cockle Bay Renovation

The existing 1960s weatherboard and brick home positioned in the heart of Cockle Bay was well lived in and ready for an overhaul, when we came in to help Dave Evans (Evans Building Services) at the late demo stages for the construction of the large, northeast-facing two story deck.

This deck comprised solid laminated structural timber with recessed hardware. The trusses holding up the gable end of the house were handmade on-site with Prolam posts and beams and stainless steel fabricators custom-making the plates to tie everything together seamlessly.

The deck was wrapped in a simple timeless timber balustrade that leads from the pool area up to the outdoor living.

The main living and kitchen area was made an open plan, with light coming in from all angles. Skylights above the kitchen and front door added to the ambiance. The front entry had a covering added, and the front gable bedroom/bathroom wing was extended and completely renovated. Dave’s special door is definitely a feature to witness.

Products Used

180x180 PL12 H5 posts
190x88 PL12 truss bottom/top chords
88x88 H5 truss webs
135x135 PL8 H5 entry posts
135x135 PL12 H5 carport posts

Cockle bay 2
Cockle bay 1
Cockle bay 3
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Cockle bay 6
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