Christchurch Home Renovation




Client – Mark Strawbridge, PlaceMakers 
Builder – Murray Baxendale, Consortium

Prolam Product

190x88 Visual Beams, 180x180 Visual Posts

Engineering a pitch perfect solution for a Christchurch home renovation.

A homeowner with a vision, a frame and truss merchant driven to find a solution for his client, and an engineer with an eye for detail. This project proves why building or renovating a home is all about making the right connections.

When Mark Strawbridge from PlaceMakers Christchurch heard about Murray Baxendale’s plans to make exposed trusses a feature of the alfresco area he was adding to his home, he got in touch with Prolam. 

Mark took full advantage of our Exposed Truss design and manufacturing service to meet Murray’s exact requirements in terms of the look and feel, structural stability and project timeframes for the construction of his new outdoor living area. 

Prolam Structural Engineer, Zubin Karami, played a pivotal role in the process.

“The design needed the expertise of a structural engineer and Zubin was excellent from start to finish,” Mark says. 

“When it came to the finer details of the truss’ design and the options available to us, Zubin’s expertise really came to the fore.”

The final design, manufactured and supplied by Prolam, included exposed trusses in 190 x 88 Visual Grade PL8 H3.2, with tailor made steel plates and 180 x 180 PL8 Posts for bracing of the truss based on Zubin’s recommendations. 

The result is a stunning alfresco area that adds value to Murray’s home and will be used year-round to relax and spend time with family and friends.

“Working with Reuben and Zubin on this project was a great experience. The service and communication was excellent, and the client was very happy with the design of the exposed truss.”

-    Mark Strawbridge, PlaceMakers Christchurch

Images courtesy of Murray Baxendale

Exposed Truss 1
Exposed Truss 3
Exposed Truss 4
Exposed Truss 2