Prolam PLX20® Glulam Beams

A new dimension in strength, stability, and sustainability
Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the innovative PLX20 steel reinforced laminated timber beam offers unparalleled load bearing capacity and spanning capability.
Precision engineered from quality pine with steel laminated into the top and bottom laminates for extra strength and stiffness, PLX20 allows a smaller member beam to span further, making it the ideal choice for garage door lintels and other wide structures.

“Having moved to Prolam PLX20’s sometime ago, we have found that they are replacing many, if not all of our in house manufactured flitch beams, which means we no longer have to take staff away from manufacturing frames and trusses to build flitch beams"
- Andy Frame and Truss Detailer

"PLX20s are much easier to install, as scaffolding or a Hiab are not needed, thus saving you both time and money. Also as the steel doesn’t go right to the end, allows us to cut the beam on site to the exact length"
- Builder, Dain Williams, Dbuilt Ltd

Code: PLX20-250100 & PLX20-300100
Sizes: 240x90 & 290x90
Lengths: 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m, 6.6m
Precamber (mm) = Length (mm)/800
Treatment: H1.2 
Grade: Non-Visual
Applications: Garage lintels, Ridge beams, Floor beams and Rafters

A cut above
• Up to 40% lighter in weight than alternative products
• High strength and durability
• Greater spanning capability
• Fast and easy to install
• High timber to steel ratio
• FSC certified timber options available 

Prolam PLX20 is ideal for:
• Garage lintels
• Ridge beams
• Floor beams
• Rafters

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The PLX20 is easy to specify on our Online SpecifierSpan tables and on Masterspec.
Check out our short video on how to Specify PLX20® using the Prolam Specifier.

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Grades & Finishes

Non Vis H1.2
Non-Visual H1.2 - Appearance C

This grade is intended for use in applications where appearance is unimportant. All appearance blemishes are permitted in this grade. The surfaces are machined, but machine skip is permissible and blemishes, voids and manufacturing will remain unrepaired. Loose, knots, wane, pith and open knot holes may be present. H1.2 Treatment is dyed pink and is ONLY available in lengths up to 7.2m.

Timber used for laminating is carefully selected for production and graded according to strict Prowood specifications. All timber stock is kiln dried, to 13% average moisture content, to ensure efficient bonding in the gluing operations. 

The laminations are machine finger jointed if required, with glue being cured by state of the art European press systems and controlled temperature. Prolam PLX20 Glulam products are available in non-visual utility grades. 

Prolam structural laminated timber beams can be used in any form of construction where the structure relies on AS/NZS 1170: 2002 and NZ 3603 1993. The design can be from the Prolam online software, span tables or specific design by an engineer using Prolam’s structural properties. All structural timber products must be stored, handled and installed in accordance with all Prolam’s installation requirements. Prolam structural laminated timber works well in harsh environments, for example in corrosive chemical stores, fell-monger, acid plants, salt-water environments and swimming pools, as it does not rust and the glues used are service class 3 certified.

 Limitations on use

This laminated treated product must be protected from the elements until it is sealed. Prolam structural timber can be supplied with a temporary sealer if required. Timber naturally absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment that can cause the product to alter dimensionally. All exposed structural timber must be sealed with a good quality paint or stain system within 14 days of delivery to dramatically reduce the incidence of dimensional change and increases longevity. All cuts, holes and rebates must also be sealed to prevent the absorption of moisture.

Prolam structural timber products can be used in specific fire performance situations, and must be designed in conjunction with a fire engineer.

Building code statement of compliance 

Prolam structural laminated timber installed in accordance with the Prolam installation requirements, will comply with the below performance clauses of the New Zealand building code.

  • Structure B1/AS1: meets the requirements of B1.3.1 B1.3.2 B1.3.3 (a, b, f, j, m, q) B1.3.4 (a, b, c, d, e); AS1170:2002 for engineering span tables, AS/NZS 1328:1998 and AS5068 for building element
  • Durability B2/AS1: meets the requirements of B2.3.1(a) B2.3.2. And can be used in service class 3 situations provided H3.2 treatment or higher is used. All timber is treated in accordance with NZS3640. Prolam treats it’s own timber, and is third party audited to ensure compliance to the New Zealand treatment standard. Correct treatments must be used in the right places.
  • Protection from Fire C: APA Evaluation of Char Rate (ASTM E119), TT- 118, January 2015; meets the requirements of C6.3 C6.4. Where members are required to have a fire resistance rating the designer can use the follow standards for FRR design: TT-118 OR: NZS 3603:1993 (section 9).
  • Hazardous Building Materials F2/AS1: meets the requirements of F2.3.1. Timber treatment suppliers meet NZS3640, which includes flash-off requirements.

NZBC designed to comply



Protection from Fire

Hazardous Building Materials

(1) PLX20 intended for use as a beam and not as a tension or compression member.
(2) PLX20 bending strength and MoE about the major axis have been determined from testing. 
Other properties are based on SG6 timber.


Features & Benefits

Cost Effectiveness

High weight-to-strength ratio of Prolam allows for maximum loads over large spans with the smallest possible end sections.

Product Quality

Prolam manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber standard.

Fire Safety

Extensive fire test data shows that Prolam beams maintain structural load support for measurable periods of time in fire situations.

Renewable Resource

Made from renewable New Zealand plantation timber, Prolam uses 14 times less energy to produce compared to the equivalent steel beam.

Chemical Resistance

Prolam works well in harsh environments as it does not rust and the glues used are service class 3 certified.

Why Choose Prolam

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