Is your outdoor space in need of an upgrade? 

Building pergolas using Prolam is made easy with straightness of product, premium quality & span tables for design.

A cut above
• PL8 & PL12 Structural grades readily available
• Premium quality and dimensional stability (no twisting or warping)
• CCA H3.2 & H5 Treatment for exterior use
• Available in a wide range of sizes and lengths
• Renewable and Sustainable timber resource
• Codemarked Certified H5 Posts
• Quick and Easy design and installation
• Aesthetically Pleasing

Easy 5-step process to specify
Designing and building pergolas using Prolam posts and beams is easy following our five-step process.

Step 1:
Determine the pergola size: length, width, and height.

Step 2:
Use Table 1 or 2 to select the correct sized outer beams.

Step 3:
Use Table 3 or 4 for rafter size based on the rafter and spacing.

Step 4:
Use Table 5 to work out the number and size of posts required..

Step 5:
Choose your Fixing options or enquire at your preferred merchant store.

Need help with your Pergola design?
Our sales team and in-house structural engineers are on-hand to support you to find the right solution for your project.

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Grades & Finishes

Visual - Appearance A

This grade is intended for use in applications where appearance of the member is important and clear or painted finishes are used. All surface voids are filled, small tight knots are permitted. The surfaces are planer machined to a high quality finish


This is only supplied in the visual grade as its used for rustic visual appearance. The roughness of the bandsawn finish may vary slightly between batches.

Sanded and Sealed

This is a premium finish added to a visual product, where all blemishes are filled, the whole product is sanded and then coated with a sealer that will protect the product from ingress of moisture for 6 weeks. This sealer is not a long term sealer. The product must be sealed for the long term as per our painting/sealing requirements.


This is a primary coat that is applied in our factory as a protective coat to stop ingress of moisture until the undercoat and top coats are applied. This primer coat is not to be used as the final finish and the product must be sealed for the long term as per our painting/sealing requirements.

Features & Benefits

Cost Effectiveness

High weight-to-strength ratio of Prolam allows for maximum loads over large spans with the smallest possible end sections.

Product Quality

Prolam manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber standard.

Fire Safety

Extensive fire test data shows that Prolam beams maintain structural load support for measurable periods of time in fire situations.

Renewable Resource

Made from renewable New Zealand plantation timber, Prolam uses 14 times less energy to produce compared to the equivalent steel beam.

Chemical Resistance

Prolam works well in harsh environments as it does not rust and the glues used are service class 3 certified.

Why Choose Prolam

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