Crib Wall

A smart, sustainable and affordable landscaping solution
Made in New Zealand from kiln dried quality pine, Prolam Crib Walls offer a simple and effective retaining wall system with the advantage of high structural integrity and a host of unique benefits.  

Durability – Guaranteed design life of 125 years, as well as a standard industry warranty of 50 years against decay and termites.
Economic – More cost-effective than other retaining wall types.
Appearance – Planting directly into the wall face enhances the natural appearance of timber and stone.
Environmental – Timber is sourced from 100% sustainable New Zealand plantations, with both FSC and non-CCA treatment options available.
Ease of construction – Quick and easy to install, Prolam Crib Walls are suitable for both commercial and DIY jobs.

A versatile solution
Prolam Crib Walls can be used in a variety of ways. Retaining walls can be designed up to 8.0m high, can be used on curved walls and even stained different colours to create patterns. They can also be used as sound barriers.

Prolam Crib Walls are ideal for:
• Retaining walls
• Sound barriers
• Planters

Size: 95 x 34mm
Treatment: CCA H5 Wet
Lengths: As Required
Grade: No.1 Frame

Installation ease
Download the the Prolam Crib Wall step-by-step installation guide.

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Prolam Crib Walls can be used in many different ways, it has been used as sound barriers as well. Retaining walls can be designed up to 8.0M high. Can be used on curved walls. Can be stained different colours to create patterns.

Prolam crib retaining wall can be used on walls up to 1.5m high without consent, anything over 1.5m will need consent and an engineer’s design. The site requirement form will need to be filled out for the engineer report to be completed.

Features & Benefits

Cost Effectiveness

High weight-to-strength ratio of Prolam allows for maximum loads over large spans with the smallest possible end sections.

Product Quality

Prolam manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber standard.

Fire Safety

Extensive fire test data shows that Prolam beams maintain structural load support for measurable periods of time in fire situations.

Renewable Resource

Made from renewable New Zealand plantation timber, Prolam uses 14 times less energy to produce compared to the equivalent steel beam.

Chemical Resistance

Prolam works well in harsh environments as it does not rust and the glues used are service class 3 certified.

Why Choose Prolam

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