Stoke - Nelson before and after pictures

Sometimes we get to see before and after photos that are truly astounding.

This home gives the perfect example of this. ‘I wanted to create an open and welcoming new look’ said Alan Smith. He’s sure done this, and the strong Prolam posts and beams sure add to this awesome homely yet uncluttered and modern look.

The Prolam posts and beams were the perfect solution. The Prolam PL12 posts come into play - with their structural and bracing qualities as well as their aesthetic appeal. Congratulations to both AMK Engineers, designer Boulder Bank Design, and well as the builder – you’ve done an amazing job - more than what is achievable just with NZS3604!

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Our products used in this building were  : 220x220 PL12 H5 Posts and 290x88 PLVL12 H3.2 Visual beams


Prolam PL12 H5 posts + Prolam PL12 Glulam Beams


Alan Smith, Stoke, Nelson

after pic AUGUST 2020 2
after pic AUGUST 2020 4
after pic AUGUST 2020 3