Outdoor Entertainment Patio

What can you tell us about this project? 
Addition to existing house. Requirement for outdoor patio, kitchen and a fire place is a good enough reason to create a new outdoor entertainment space, but making it in a way that protects from prevailing winds and also looks like it belongs to existing architecture is a bit of a challenge. Replicating the original style is also not an answer, instead the style is created that compliments the original architecture, and advances it with modern learnings and technology. Success is If you look at the project when finished and it feels that this new addition was there from the beginning.

Why did you specify Prolam products in this project?
This project being mostly up for visual impact of timber.

What Prolam products were specified?
Prolam / Glulam posts beams and roof rafters.

What program did you use to specify our products?
Worked with structural engineers due to unique loads on open structure.

Products Used

Supports: 290x135 PL12 H5
Side beams: 290x135 PL12 H3.2
Rafters: 240x112 PL12 H3.2
Ridge beam: 315x135 PL12 H3.2



Prolam PL12 Glulam Beams + Prolam PL12 H5 Posts +


Nino Kozlevcar KA, VILA.nz

Entertainment Area12
Entertainment Area14
Entertainment Area10
Entertainment Area11
Entertainment Area8
Entertainment Area6