Scott Base Redevelopment

We were excited to hear that several products we had supplied were being used on the Scott Base redevelopment in Antarctica. We approached Karissa Hyde from Scott Base Redevelopment to find out more.

What can you tell us about this project?

The redevelopment of Scott Base will see the existing base in Antarctica replaced with a safe and fit-for-purpose research facility which will support New Zealand’s science programme and presence on the ice for at least another 50 years.

As part of the redevelopment project, two geomagnetic observatory huts were installed at Arrival Heights near Scott Base during the 2021/22 Antarctic summer season.

Why did you use Prolam products in this project? 

We needed a robust foundation product that could support two new geomagnetic huts with quite specific requirements:

  • Non-magnetic material (as the experiments measure the geomagnetic field in the area)
  • 50-year design life, exposed to high winds and freezing temperatures
  • Available on short lead time to meet the Antarctic summer season
  • Comply with Antarctic environmental regulations

What Prolam products were used?


How are the Prolam products being used in this project?

"As foundation piles for the new geomagnetic observatory huts at Arrival Heights, Ross Island in Antarctica."

How did you specify our products?

"The structural requirements were specified by our structural engineer (WSP), and the contractor then contacted suppliers for appropriate products that were available. These were then reviewed by the engineer against the design criteria. Please note that we did not specify Prolam. We specified an appropriate timber product that met the needs of the project."

A huge thank you to Karissa and Antarctica New Zealand for their time and for allowing us to participate in this amazing project. 

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