Parklands Residence

Case Study: Parklands Residence


Mohaka Street, Parklands


Bishop Architecture, Hawkes Bay

Prolam Product

PLX Portal

The Prolam PLX Portal elevated the design and simplified the construction of a stunning home in Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s North Island.

The PLX Portal, the innovative new timber bracing solution from Prolam, was the natural choice for Bishop Architecture’s latest design for Platinum Homes due to its in-built strength, high bracing capacity and solid eco-credentials.

One of the first times the PLX Portal had been specified for a residential building project, Mark Bishop of Bishop Architecture selected the PLX Portal to serve as a crucial structural element between the home’s open plan living space and an adjacent lounge area.

The PLX Portal was strategically incorporated into the Parklands Residence’s design to  carry a point load from a ridge beam, provide essential bracing to the bracing line, and overcome the challenge presented by limited wall space. The versatility and strength of the PLX Portal allowed these specific structural requirements to be effectively addressed and ensured the home’s design was seamless and robust.

The Bishop Architecture team’s positive experiences with various Prolam products on previous projects, made them eager to embrace the PLX Portal as a way to not only achieve their aesthetic goals for the home but also their commitment to the use of sustainable building materials. In addition, the design team were confident the PLX Portal’s lightweight construction and straightforward bracing system, which facilitates easy onsite assembly and installation, would be well received by the Platinum Home’s construction team.

Mark said timber products and structurally engineered timber in particular, are the favoured choice in the Bishop Architecture office, and Prolam’s introduction of the PLX Portal is the glulam bracing solution the firm had been seeking for some time.

“The PLX Portal will change the way we approach construction projects as one of the first glulam timber bracing systems on the market. Beyond its practical benefits, specifying wood with the PLX Portal also aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability, showcasing our dedication to eco-friendly solutions to clients.” - Mark Bishop, Bishop Architecture

Render courtesy of Bishop Architecture.


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