Exposed Timber Trusses: More than structural support!

Prolam Exposed Timber Trusses are a stand-out solution for creating open and spacious interiors and alfresco areas.

Exposing the structural framework within a ceiling always guarantees something different – extending ceiling height and creating visual impact in a brilliant blend of form and function. 

Whether it be for residential or commercial design, exposed timber trusses are an enduring architectural trend, providing structural support while enhancing the look and feel of airy and spacious open plan living or dining rooms, alfresco hospitality and entertainment areas, and vibrant retail outlets

Architectural design trends and exposed trusses

Exposed trusses can be used to great effect by architects and builders to deliver on-trend looks from industrial chic to warm and inviting modern rustic, through to minimalist elegance.

A solution that works in any open-space concept, timber trusses can be combined with steel and concrete structures, used alone to offer a sense of relaxation and luxury, in vaulted ceilings to create more dramatic effect, or achieve a contemporary farmhouse style. 

Sustainable design trends are driving the demand for solutions such as Prolam’s glulam timber exposed trusses not only for the look but the fact they are manufactured from renewable New Zealand plantation timber and have a low-carbon footprint compared to steel alternatives.

Exposed timber trusses are also excellent to emphasise natural light and create airy and spacious interiors in combination with large windows and skylights.

A celebration of structure and beauty: why clients like them

Clients are drawn to exposed trusses for a variety of practical and aesthetic considerations.

First and foremost is their role as an architectural focal point to generate interest and their ability to make a space captivating and unique, and most of all instil extra character. 

By supporting the roof or ceiling without the need for internal columns or walls, they also allow for large, unobstructed living areas. 

Interested in embracing the exposed truss trend?

Our streamlined process from design to supply makes integrating exposed trusses into building designs easy, efficient and fast with our in-house structural engineers on-hand to support you to find the right solution for your project.

Choose from our range of 20 standard truss designs in 20-35 degree pitches and spans up to 7m, or work with us to custom design and manufacture trusses to match your project’s requirements. All able to be manufactured in a selection of timber grades and finishes, with a choice of stainless steel or powdercoated plates to achieve the look you want.

Both Truss beams, plates and bolts are conveniently delivered through your local timber merchant packaged as a kitset, ready for cutting and assembly.

Learn more about Prolam Exposed Trusses and our truss design and manufacturing service.