Fast, accurate beam specification for any project, domestic or commercial.

Three types of timber can be specified: Pine in H1.2, H3.2 and H5 for in-ground posts, Douglas Fir in H1.2, Macrocarpa as untreated. Automatically makes allowances for the weight of wall framing and treatments H1.2, H3.2 and H5 for in-ground posts.

Specify two structural grades in glulam: PL8 & PL12. Also, LVL15 can be specified, providing size options depending on the space available for the beam.

Caters for variances in roof height caused by product type, thickness of ceiling plasterboard or additions such as solar panels. You can also allow for the extra high wind zone recently added to the Building Code.

Software includes deflection and capacity ratios. Shift a point load to exactly where it will be on the beam and Prolam Pro will adjust the results to suit. Also defines the long-term deflection a beam will settle out at.