Specifying beams is a breeze with Prolam Pro.

A small calculation error can create major problems when it comes to specifying beams in domestic or commercial construction. That’s why Prolam developed an online program that automatically calculates correct beam specification with absolute precision, fast!

Available on the Prolam website, it’s affectionately known as the Prolam Pro and it automatically makes allowances for any number of building challenges.

Concerned about variances in roof parameters? The Pro caters for changes in roof weight, roof pitch, eves width, ceiling weight plus additions such as solar panels. You can even allow for extra high wind zones.

Furthermore, software includes deflection and capacity ratios so users can see how hard the beam is working, shift point loads to exactly where it will be on the beam and maximizes the effectiveness of the beam.

It even defines the long-term deflection a beam will settle out at, giving designers additional confidence. In fact, Prolam Pro is constantly being improved and updated to meet your requirements and the very latest version is about to be launched.

No wonder it is loved by more than 3600 architects and specifiers nation wide.

Click here for a link to our Prolam Specifier.