Wanaka Courtyard House

WanakaCourtyardHouse5A modern, energy efficient holiday home - This courtyard house is a direct response to the site. The aim of the house was to achieve a home with stunning views, outdoor connection, shelter, and thermal comfort. This was achieved through careful planning and detailing, whilst still expressing form and materiality.

Materiality is expressed in this house to give a feel of traditional Kiwi bach architecture. The Prolam post and beam structure gives a classic rhythm along the northern faced with an array of verandah posts. Cedar cladding provides warmth to contrast the hard surfaces of the large expanse of glazing and polished concrete surfaces.

Client Testimonial

"We’re often asked what we love about our home. Put most simply, it feels good to be in every room. We love the flow, how spaces are defined and linked, and the natural light in our home.

We knew we were building a home with energy and thermal efficiency but we have tended to take it for granted until we’ve visited some other homes in winter! It’s one of the behind-the-scene things we appreciate about our house.

We love our elegantly simple home with clean lines. Our architect thought outside the square to deliver what lies within the exterior walls.” – Lake Wanaka Courtyard House clients.

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Prolam PL12 Glulam Beams + Prolam PL12 H5 posts + Prolam Smartframe LVL15 Laminated Veneer Lumber


Chaney & Norman Architects for Lake Wanaka Courtyard House clients

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