Wanaka Gable House

This new Wanaka home was designed specifically for clients favouring traditional gabled roofs, so the home was designed as a collection of gabled forms. Glazed gabled ends from areas of rest and repose (such as the bedroom and living areas) allowed for framed views of the surrounding mountains and lake. The gabled forms also allowed for high ceilings, making relatively small spaces feel generous.

Outdoor living spaces were located to give the clients the flexibility to seek either sun or shade throughout the day, while being sheltered from the prominent north-west wind. All living areas, and the master bedroom, connect directly with an outdoor living space – creating strong physical, and visual, connections to the surrounding landscape.

We are proud that our Prolam products were used in this beautiful project.



Wanaka Gable House

Wanaka house
Wanaka Gable House 4
Wanaka Gable House 5
Wanaka Gable House 1