Ben Ohau Range Cabin

Project Name: SKYLARK CABIN      

Name of Architect: BARRY CONNOR DESIGN

Gently nestled into the tussock grasslands at the foothills of the Ben Ohau range sits the Skylark Cabin.

The clients brief requested a simple retreat with honest materials, a place to literally soak up the landscape with a focus on effortless relaxation.

The entry porch connects to the carport which is a series of burnt orange structural frames extending down from the cabin roofline and is anchored at the other end to the hidden storage block, and bike racks. The burnt orange accents were a specific client request and were used to emphasise the main structural elements and view frames.

Conceived as a place for relaxation and retreat the intention was to provide for only the essentials: a place to cook, sleep, reflect and bathe.

Prolam approached Barry Connor Design who told us a little more about this awesome project.

Why did you specify Prolam products in this project?

Tried and tested, and fit for purpose.

What Prolam products were specified?

200x100 PL17 Posts and 250x100 PL17 Beams

(This range has now been discontinued)

How are the Prolam products been used in this project?

The posts are used externally to frame the fin screens.

The beams are used to support the roof structure over the carport.

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Barry Connor Design

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